Portrait, fashion and commercial photography.
I work hard, I'm honest and will give you my best should you decide to hire me.
I am not a 'snapper' (ie I will not shoot hundreds of photos on a 'spray and pray' basis).
I will take the time to light you correctly and also find out a lighting arrangement that suits your look.
You will find mainly (analogue) film work in my portfolio, but, I do shoot digital for some of my clients.

Portrait/ commercial/ pellicule et numérique/ amour du travail/ très bons résultats/ bon travail d'équipe/ inspire/ idées/ porté par le vent/ épouse comme formidable assistante

Information/ projects or commissions:  contact form or  email 

Tel: (+33) 

Vat. no. FR 51 808488902

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LinkedIn / social media headshot:  

2 retouched digital images supplied in high and low resolution, 30 mins shoot time    €74.40 incl. vat
Extra images available at €20 each.


Digital in the studio:
1 retouched image                  €  47.52  incl. vat
5 retouched images                €180.00  incl. vat
10 retouched digital images, €279.00 incl. vat (extras at €24 each).

On location, please contact us for prices.

Film / argentique:

We are currently revising our prices, please check back soon.

Medium and large format only.

Commercial / corporate:
Please call or email us to discuss your project and for our rates.


Black & white darkroom prints from       6" x 4"  (15 x 10 cm)
                                                        up to 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)  
                                                                   16" x 20" (50 x 60 cm)   available as special order only.

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In the bag:

Just in case anyone is interested in what I use to make images...personally, I don't think it matters!

Hasselblad 500CM and 500C, Fuji GX680, Rolleiflex Automat and a Linhof Technika lll 4x5 large format camera, a shitload of studio equipment and some digital stuff for making images.

I process, scan and print my films, they are not sent to a lab.

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