Warm, cold, freezing, hot, raining, sunshine, clouds, clear.
Nearly as confusing as Trump's presidency.
Work slack; shot far too many personal projects on film.
Met some great people and had a lot of fun.

Three photos have links to songs on Youtube, just click on the photo title...

(As you may have spotted, there are two photos for April 5...just had to be that way!)
A special mention to Bryan (a fellow film photographer) who contacted me on Instagram. From Miami, he was staying in Thionville with his French girlfriend for a while.
We became friends, he helped me out (peasanted) on a few shoots, plus, he introduced me to Stephanie, a fabulous model from Luxembourg.
We're all looking forward to your return I think!

Thank you (bigly) to Damien and Julien for their assistance this month.
Also to Solena, Solene, Camille (#eviltusk #dadjokes), Anais, Ines, Stephanie and Minyala for their hard work.

Cameras used this month:

Hasselblad 500C
Rolleiflex Automat
Linhof Technika lll
Bronica ETRS
Nikon F601 (35mm)


Kodak T-max 400
Fomapan 100 (120 and 4x5)
Kodak Portra 160 and 400
Ilford Pan F and HP5
Ilford HP5+ 

01 rock

02 breathe

03 contemplation

04 on reflection

05a bryan

05b solena

06 trees

07 shaky

08 stadium

09 mine

10 elbow room

11 Steph

12 jardin botanique

13 space

15 cheeky

17 avenue de plantieres

18 spring innit

19 drying out

20 abstraction

22 hothouse

23 the watcher

24 water. tower.

25 extra large, bigly, no, it's yuge!

26 angles

27 tagged

28 woods

29 minyala

30 a hasselblad and a sock

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All rights reserved.
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