A project shot on 4x5, using paper negatives, old Kodak lith film and Harman direct postive.
No Man's Land, North Eastern France, between Metz and Verdun.
The forest has grown again between the French and German battle lines and trenches.
This particular site has not been cleaned, there are unexploded munitions, Mustard Gas shells, high explosives and mines, just below the surface, not to mention countless rounds of ammunition. 
Seemingly endless amounts of barbed wire, separate the lines, perched upon sharpened iron spikes and entangled between them. The trenches, in places are less than 20 metres apart, the surface is littered with rusted pots and pans, empty wine bottles and a few personal effects.
Occasionally, bone fragments come to the surface; an unmarked cemetery.
It's a sad, moving and lonely place carrying the scars of a Lost Generation.

I wanted to record the feeling of loneliness and despair that seems to be a part of this place, so, the series was shot in November 2017, through the fog, around the time of the Armistice, 99 years prior.

Unfortunately, most of these negatives have fogged, they were shot on very old photo paper, which has not withstood the test of time.

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