Feb. 2017

This is hard work!
Difficult enough on digital...what have I let myself in for...

Anyway, it progresses!

Cameras used this month:

Rolleiflex Automat
Hassleblad 500C
Linhof Technika 4x5

Fomapan 100
T-Max 400 pulled 2 stops
HP5 pulled 2 stops
Portra 160
Tri-X Pan at box speed

01 Dreaming of Spring

02 Stadium

03 Long Shadows

04 The 'hood

05 Road to Nowhere

06 Control is everything

07 Quentin, Actor
Pre-shoot test shot


09 Rush Hour

10 Plan d'eau

Rolleiflex + a red filter

11 Office de tourisme

12 Exotica Erotica

13 Nay, it is Ney

14  Victoria Valentine  

15 Sock Brodrick

16 Kamel, model

17 Me oh my there's a light in the sky
(Miquette Giraudy - Steve Hillage)

18 Moist

19 I will find you and I will kill you...

20 Stillness

21 Mortem Ambulat In Obscura

22 Empties

23 A load of old bollards

24 Power

25 Pipe Dreams

26 It's Ahhhhht dahling! This is the kind of thing that occurs when you accidently press the shutter release, on your Rolleiflex, whilst walking along...

27 Gentle Cat. I just love the name of this shop.

28 Eva. MUA & model.

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