January 2017

Difficult to find inspiration in the winter, but I did my best!
It's quite a challenge to shoot an analogue 365; one of the films  I was shooting with my Nikkormat was blank; not sure why, it looks like it didn't wind on properly! Damn. 

Linhof Technika lll
Hasselblad 500C
Bronica ETRS
Fuji GX 680
Rolleiflex Automat K4A

Fomapan 100
Kodak Tri-X
Kodak Portra
Ilford HP5
Ilford FP4

On to February...


Le Ban Saint Martin

02 Client portrait

03 Iced up

04 Capsules of joy

05 On the river

06 Tusk

My first large format portrait

07 Inspire Me-tz

08 Time for a smoke

09 Chocolate!

10 Bridge

11 Prescan, Ines

12 One small step...

13 Under the bridge

14 Convergence

15 In the bleak midwinter

16 Homeless
There really shouldn't be anyone sleeping rough in our affluent western society, let alone begging to buy food.

17 A bit of sun appeared

18 Bloom in the gloom

19 Anais 

Large format again

20 Canal de Jouy

21 Chicken Run

22 Linhof

Shot by Rolleiflex with No.2 close up lens

23 Table manner

24 It's a weir dear

25 Decay

26 Wall

These should only ever be used for support. 
Not to keep people in or out.

27 Detritus

The canal is frozen, so, the rubbish people throw out of their car windows, from the bridge above, just sits there.

Shameful and sad.

28 Automat

Shot by Linhof

29 Someone left a Sock on the floor.
(Sock is one of our cats)

30 I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like...(Syd Barret, Pink Floyd, 1967)

31 Give me Gum Gum Dum Dum

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All rights reserved.
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