jerry brodrick

Another one…

I managed to buy another Rolleicord.
A Mk V this time (with the Xenar 3.5 lens) and it came with some accessories: the Rolleikin 35mm adaptor kit, Rolleinar close up lens no.1, lens hood, original boxes and manuals!
The whole lot cost less than my Mk lll (which came with nothing at all) and is in much better condition.
Gave it a test this afternoon in the studio- everything works as it should, shutter and sync speeds perfect, apertures all ok.
I love these 6x6 cameras, they really are fabulous.
The lens is a stop slower than the Rolleiflex f/2.8 and not as ‘good’, although I can’t really comment as I’ve not owned a ‘flex…yet ;)
Some shots of the V and a couple of photos shot with the it today (1/250th, f/22, Tri-X Pan 400)

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