jerry brodrick

Early Autumn…

So, here we are again. Mid way through September and it’s just pretty unpleasant.
The world’s weather seems to be going a bit strange and quite a lot of the world’s populous are following on!
The rise of the (ultra) right wing is scary and racism, intolerance and neo-Fascism appears to be in many people’s thoughts and in far too many people’s actions. I will say no more.

I was back in the UK for personal reasons but still managed to shoot a few rolls of film and some large format too. Nothing particularly exciting, but still enjoyable.

The first nine images are all 4x5 large format, shot on expired Tri-X 320 that came in a cassette of 16; quite similar to instant film and a great idea. A pity Kodak don’t still do this! These were shot at ISO 100 to allow for the age of the film.
Three images were shot on expired, 40 year old Kodalith graphic arts film. I really like this film, I shoot it at ISO 6 and develop in Rodinal 1+100.

The next nine images were shot on Fomapan 200. It’s quite a nice film, pulls and pushes very well and retains a great deal of tonality with remarkably fine grain. I like using it!
All shot with a Hasselblad C/M and Sonnar 150mm lens…in the vicinity of Lepe beach, Hampshire, UK.
On our way back home, to France, we spent an evening with friends in south London. Went for a stroll to Greenwich park and the Thames side of the Maritime Museum. Such a fabulous place! The next six shots are from there.

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