March 2017

The weather is improving! Spring is here, at last. We lost a lovely little soul this month to cancer, our gentle and loving cat, Bill. She never once scratched or bit anyone (even the vet) and just poured love on everyone. A great shame that more people can't be more like she was...

Cameras used this month:

Hasselblad 500C
Rolleiflex Automat
Linhof Technika lll


Kodak Tri-X 400
Kodak T-max 400
Fomapan 100 (120 and 4x5)
Kodak Portra 160 and 400
Ilford Pan F
Ilford HP5+
4x5 Paper negatives, Kodabrome RC paper, shot at ISO 6

01 The Principles of Lust

02 Republique

03 Friday night innit and my glass ain't full! 
(Kodabrome 4x5 paper negative shot at ISO 6)

04  Large format portrait on Kodabrome paper - client

06 Pillars

07 Helene
Large format in the style of Julia Margaret Cameron on Kodabrome paper

08 Three trees

09 Empty streets

10 Moselle

11 Glow 

12 Colour Splash

13 For Bill

One of the saddest days of my life. A beautiful little soul was taken way too early.
There is no justice.

14 New conference centre

15 Creative fencing (Large format paper negative)

16 Hopital Des Armées Legouest

17 CT day

18 Glare and flare

19 Soul Less

20 Damien (large format paper negative on Kodabrome paper)

21 Gettin back to my roots

22 Blue

23 Pompidou times three. It's fookin ahhhhht!

24 Every day

25 Tranquility

27 Definition

28 Canopy

29 I got back to my roots...yet again!

30 Transportation

31 This could be a good sign

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