Is it summer yet?

Apparenly it’s summer, nearly…although it does appear to be raining rather more then I would have hoped and is not quite warm enough either.
Apart from that, Britain is close to voting in a referendum regarding staying or leaving the EU. I’m concerned that GB will leave and feel it would be a very bad thing both for Europe and for Britain. In fact, econonmic suicide for Britain. I’ve not read one thing in the Brexit campaign that makes much sense. Isolationism is not the answer in our modern world, in my opinion.

Enough of that, this is a photography blog and not a political one!

I like working in b&w and there is just something special about b&w film, the tones are more pleasing to my eye than a converted digital RAW file. Scans don’t do film justice, whereas darkroom prints do. I do love the whole process. Quite magical.

Without further ado, here are a few ‘digitised’ film photos from some recent shoots:

Camille and Sabrina, shot with the Fuji GX 680 on Fomapan 100 (my go to film for studio work). developed in Kodak X-Tol at 1+1, possibly my favourite developer.
I do love this camera, the closest you can get to large format in a medium format sized negative. Although the camera itself is probably more bulky than a great deal of field cameras and doesn’t fold up! As I’ve said before, the front standard movements are a wonderful option too.

Some more of Sabrina, this time with the Hasselblad (on Tri-X developed in D76 at 1+1)

Camille, shot with both Hasselblad and Bronica ETRS 

Hasselbad / Fomapan

Hasselblad / Tri-X

Bronica / Tri-X

Using Format