A couple of recent portrait shoots.
Mainly digital, but a couple of pictures on film using the Rolleicord V.
Helene was photographed in the studio on digital and Julien shot on location in  one of the forts that surround Metz (Mont St Quentin, Plappeville) using film and digital. The first two images of Julien were shot on Tri-X rated at 200 ASA.

I’m more than happy to shoot client portraits on location and would love to do more shoots like this on film.
Sadly, it’s rare that I can actually get to do paid work on film nowadays.

Due to the studio being quite small, I’ve recently invested in some Walimex wall mount booms for the flashes.
Very well made and have proved a good choice- there is more floor space, and no more cable & light stand ‘trip hazards’.
It makes sense, we don’t want to see clients spread all over the floor and getting damaged, not good for business!

A wall mount boom!

I’ll be doing some more food photography this week; it’s quite challenging both compositionally and lighting wise.
This will be shot on film using the medium format Fuji GX680, using Kodak Portra 160 and Ektar 100.
Lovely films with nice colour rendition.
Examples of food photography here the majority of which have been shot on film.

Using Format