Recent work

A portrait shoot for Helene with her beautiful (and totally disarming) daughter Sasha, in the studio.
Digital, Nikon D700.

I’ve also been shooting (yet) more film, both 35mm and 6x6 medium format whilst wandering around Metz.
A few from the Jardin Botanique and a few from Canal de Jouy and environs.

Films used:

MF Kodak Ektar and Fompan 100.
35mm, Fujicolor C200


35mm: Nikon F601, 55mm Micro Nikkor AlS, 24-85 f/2.8 and 80-200 ED f/2.8.
6x6:     Rolleicord lll and V.

I also shot a roll of Tri-X pushed to 3200. Semi stand developed in Rodinal for 45 minutes.
The results were  pretty good, grain relatively low, plenty of detail.
Any blur is the result of my not using a tripod and having to shoot at shutter speeds of 1/25th and 1/10th with the Rolleicord V.
Kodak Tri-X is such a versatile film, it’s rare that I shoot it at the box speed. I usually pull it to 200 for portrait work, produces a lovely result in Kodak D76 or Ilford ID-11.

Using Format