Christmas and stuff…

Merry Christmas!

So, it’s out of the way for another year…the season of over-eating and over-spending. 
Not that I dislike Christmas, but I find it a tad excessive. Nice to see happy people though. 
It’s been a relatively busy-ish month again. Not in the same league as October, but ticking along nicely.
I’ve actually had a little bit more time for some personal work. I’ve yet to shoot any of it on digital this year, so, I’ve suceeded in my goal at the beginning 2015. 
When I add up what I’ve spent on film, I could probably have bought a digital back for my Hasselblad. Why have 6x4.5 when you can have 6x6? Plus all that that glorious emulsion ;)

Shot a couple of editorial series in black and white, with the Fuji GX 680 and the Hassy 500C
Between The Lines with Ines
Go or Stay with Sheona
Be with Lisa
These all with the help of my fabulous assistant, Nadia, my wife and biggest fan!

Having bought a Fresnel Lens (from Walimex) and having always been a big fan of George Hurrell’s work, I’m shooting a series of Hollywood style star portraits. 
The light from the Fresnel is absolutely gorgeous, high contrast without being harsh.
A lovely light modifier for portraiture/ beauty and fashion photography.

Client work has been a steady flow from the Algerian Consulate and portraiture.
Also one commercial job, which really hasn’t worked out well with the client, who wanted me to shoot a catalogue of wedding dresses…but for nothing.
The less said about that, the better for now!
We also had a visit from some very dear UK friends; I did an engagement shoot for them, which went very well indeed. A lovely couple, Kazz and Roger. Roger’s Dad was chief designer for MG and designed the MGA and MGB. Iconic British sports cars.

Some more personal work, portraits of Sheona and Ines, shot with the Fuji GX680
Rollei RPX 100, Fomapan 100 and Tri-X pulled to 100.

A small series of portraits of Lisa, shot with the Hasselblad 500C
Ilford Delta 100

I also shot some of Lisa with a roll Portra 160, Hasselblad 500C

Continued to shoot some more of Metz at night, these were an experiment, pushing Ilford Delta 3200 to 6400 and 12800. It performed pretty well!

Plus a few of Fort de Queuleu
Hasselblad + Tri-X

Something I’ve been meaning to do for years now:
I inherited a Kodak Autographic Brownie No.2 from my Uncle in 2003.
It was my Grandfather’s and dates to 1917. From what I gather, he bought just after the First World War. As far as I know, it hadn’t been used since the 50s or maybe even the late 40s!
It works, in fact it works really well for a camera nearly a century old. Will any of our digital “miracles” still be working after 100 years? I doubt it.
4 shutter speeds and around the same number of aperture settings. Simple and beautiful.
Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble loading the film onto the spiral at development stage, so, there are some parts of the film that didn’t get an even spread of developer…there may be a light leak or two as well! 
I’ll be putting another roll through soon!

Here are two pictures of my Grandson, Caliel, who was three earlier this month.
Hasselblad and Ilford Delta 3200 (pushed to 6400).

Finally, I won an award for portraiture from Star Of Service…it’s not the Hasselblad Masters or something prestigious from the RPS etc, nevertheless, it means we’re on the right track and my clients are happy.
Nice :)

See you next year!

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