More January ll

Here’s the next set of images shot in January…as I said in my last post, there’s been a bit of a problem with flash syncing the hasselblad, all seems to be a bit hit and miss at the moment.
Sometimes the images are perfect and other times, horribly underexposed. Maybe a cla is needed on the lenses or I need to get used to the system a bit more. It took around 12 months to really get used to using the Fuji GX680 and at one point, I seriously considered selling the whole set up. Very pleased that I didn’t!

I shoot more and more analogue now; to be honest digital is just too easy to shoot. Really easy.
RAW files can be fiddled with so much in post, with software, that anyone (with half a brain) can call themselves a photographer. There are some fantastic photographers that shoot digital, but also a lot of seriously mediocre ones that wouldn’t be able to produce anything worthwhile on film.

I guess that the medium doesn’t really matter, just the end product. For me, personally, that medium is film.

Fuji GX 680 // Fomapan 100 //Kodak xtol, 6 mins.

Madison 2
Hasselblad EL/M // Ilford Delta 100 // Kodak xtol, 8 mins.

Solene 1
Fuji GX 680 // Fomapan 100 // Kodak xtol, 6.5 mins

Solene 2
Implied nude, something I’d like to do more of, but only on analogue. Anyone interested (ladies only please) can contact us via email.
Hasselblad EL/M // Ilford Delta 100 // Kodak xtol, 8mins

So, another client portrait, this time on digital…
Two images of the before and after, using frequency separation on photoshop.
Dodging and burning with curves layers; on the first image you’ll see a hue and saturation layer which was used to take remove some of the reds in the skin. After careful thought, it was decided that this wasn’t necessary for this particular image.
Another point is this, when using film this isn’t needed; photoshop just isn’t a required tool as far as I’m concerned.
Better to spend time shooting rather than sat in front of a computer using software in my opinion!

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