Fuji FP 100C and other stuff…

It’s been a bad week for those of us who shoot and love pack film, on our medium format cameras, with Fuji’s announcement of the discontinuation of Fuji FP100C.
Ok, they’re a business and being in business means making a profit or not bothering to be in business!
I have heard that Impossible contacted Fuji with regard to (maybe) buying the manufacturing machinery for packfilm, but apparently heard nothing back from them. Such a pity.

Oh well, I guess we’ll all have to live without it now. End of an era.

Redundant Polaroid backs for my Hasselblad and, ironically, Fuji GX680.

My FP100C gallery: A small homage to Pack Film

Apart from that sad news, I recently shot some nsfw nudes with a model I’ve known (and worked with) for some years, which led to her, unfortunately, being hassled by some people “who could shoot them better”, which really translates to “I want to see you naked”. Enough said.
The problem with some social media like Facebook is this kind of bullshit.

Links to the works, which were all shot on film:

White Chair

Up Against It

Yesterday, I shot a series of portraits with a lovely young lady, Ophelia, using the Fuji GX680 (I love this camera’s tilt, rise and swing abilities) and Fomapan film:
One roll, nine shots, processed with Kodak X-Tol
Also tried out a new (secondhand) flash meter/ spot meter I picked up on ebay, a Sekonic L-328. It’s light (haha), accurate and seems to be a good buy. nice bit of kit.
Normally, I check lighting set ups with PACK FILM but as Fuji have so kindly stopped manufacturing it, I will do so no longer and use up my remaining supply for extra special shots that deserve to be an instant film memory.

Format have now provided us website owners, with an excellent client proofing page set up. Clients can look at photos, favourite certain ones and also download them in either high or low res, with or without a watermark.
I’m not a great believer in watermarks; they really make no difference now. If someone wants to steal your work they will do. It’s not actually hard to remove watermarks with some basic photoshop skills!
Anyway, lets face it, if you’re that good to have your work nicked, then it’s probably been paid for already, so wtf!

A bientot…


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