Almost 2 years…

Almost two years since my last blog post.
So much has happened since then… my Mum passed away, I had a heart attack and we moved to the South of France.
It’s been an ‘interesting’ time.

We now live in a small village between Ales and Nîmes, called Boucoiran. 

It’s a beautiful place, not far from Les Cévennes (the mountains you can see in the distance on a few of the accompanying snaps) with landscapes that vary from typically Mediterranean to almost Northern European woodland. Really quite stunning.
We are half an hour’s drive from Les Cévennes and about an hour from the coast.
Why did we move here? Basically we wanted more sunshine and we get 1000 hours (plus) more, annually, than we did in Metz. No contest.

I also have to take it a bit easier due to my heart condition, which cuts out some, in fact quite a bit, of the work I used to take on.
We are considerably poorer as a result, but c’est la vie.

Here are a few images taken in the hills surrounding Boucoiran…
(Fuji C200 35mm film, Minolta X500 + a Cokin P Linear Polariser, at times. I developed the film in Compard Digibase C41 chemistry)

I will attempt to be more bloggy in future!

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