I’ve been messing around with some different developers and film stocks…well, started this testing anyway!

First one is Rodinal (Adox Adonal) with Ilford HP5+
On one of my early morning walks around Metz, I shot a roll of HP5 at box speed and then stand developed it in Adonal for 80 mins with minimal agitation, ie for the first 30 secs and then three times during the stand for 5 seconds each time, very gentle agitation at that.
The results were really pleasing, a lovely smooth grain and a bit of extra contrast, a nice tonal range.

Hasselblad and Planar 80mm f/2.8 (at f/2.8 up to to f/8) handheld.

Next, some stormy skies.
HP5+ pulled to 200 ISO (ASA).
Rodinal at 1+75 for 17 minutes, normal agitation.
These were also shot using a red filter (Cokin P.003) and a graduated neutral density 3 filter.
You can probably see that the grain is much coarser and far more visible. From my prior experience with Rodinal, shorter development times appear to cause a much more pronounced grain, nowhere near as smooth as with the box speed, stand developed HP5+.
To compensate for the filters, I metered these shots at 25 ISO. 

Hasselblad, 80mm Planar f/2.8 at f/5.6, f/8, handheld.

I currently have another roll of HP5 in one of my Hassselblad backs, that I’m shooting at 320 ISO. This will be another stand development trial; I’ll most probably do the same as the box speed development with Rodinal.
I’ll shoot some Fomapan 100 at box speed and probably some pulled to either 50 or 25 ISO, different development times, using Rodinal, that may take some time though, so don’t hold your breath for the results.

Fomapan 100 is my go to film for studio portraits, I usually develop it in Kodak X-Tol 1+1 or 1+3 and occasionally in Kodak D-76, Ilford ID-11 or Ilford Perceptol.
A few portraits (that you may have seen in recent blog posts or on my website portfolio pages).
Shot with the incredible Fuji GX 680, 210mm f/5.6, at f/16, f/11 or thereabouts. Flash sync’d at 1/125th.
The first two in X-Tol for 10 mins the second two in ID-11 for 8mins.

Another blog post soon with more experiments soon!
Any questions or comments, feel free.
Cheers for now :)

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