I’ve just taken delivery of 15 rolls of Fomapan 100 from Fotoimpex in Germany.
An excellent emporium for all analog shooters. Darkroom supplies, film, the lot! In fact all they sell is analog based.
Good to see a purely analog shop in our digital age.

I shot a couple of rolls of Foma yesterday and so far very pleased with the results. I was also testing my latest addition to the Fuji GX 680 set up, in the form of a 100mm f/4 lens. Seems to be as excellent as all the other Fuji GX EBC lenses. The only thing I’d like to get hold of now is a set of either 40mm or 80mm extension rails for macro work.

I processed the film in ID-11 at 1:1 for between 9.5 and 10 mins.
It has a very fine grain (if at all) and has lovely tonality.
Model/ MUA: Sheona

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