ID, CV and more film

It’s been a while since I wrote another blog entry, so here we go again…

As always, around this time of year, we get a minor flood of ID/ passport photo jobs along with the occasional shot for a CV…really glamourous work!

I am shooting more client work on film, which is great to do and, hopefully, I’ll shoot more and more for clients “the old fashioned way”.
I see so many digital photographs that are dressed up with various plug ins and treatments to make them appear film like.
Just go buy a film camera instead, because, I’m sorry to say, you’ll just never get that “look” no matter how much Photoshop/ Lightroom etc tampering you do to your RAW file.

I don’t dislike digital, it’s a fantastic and convenient medium. In fact, I recently invested in Capture One Pro 8 as I do a lot of tethered shooting in the studio. Capture One just works very well for this.

I’m meeting some fellow film loving photographers on the internet. I’m still surprised at how many people shoot film and it really does seem to be making a bit of a comeback.
I pledged my support last year to Film Ferrania and am eagerly awaiting 2 rolls of 120 transparency film; they’ll be arriving sometime in April, happy days!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog.

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