Late Spring

Been a while yet again, hard to find the time to write a post to be quite honest!

Mainly photos, less blabbing.

First a few of the client portraits through March, April and the first week of May shot on digital…some portraits, some for model portfolios, CV shots, couples, a wedding…

Some client shots on film…mostly shot with my Hasselblad 500C on Fomapan 100.
The rectangular images were shot with my Fuji GX680, making use of the front standard movements for selective focus, also using Fomapan 100.
Foma 100 is my go to film for studio portraits, highly recommended. Especially when developed with Kodak X-tol at 1+1…give it a try, it’s a really nice combination!
Not had much time for personal work, but there is some and I’ll try and put it up in another blog post soon (ish).
I also want to get into the darkroom to do some prints, again, time has been a bit short for such indulgences.

I was thinking of selling my Hasselblad, but have decided to keep it, as it’s performing very well and very reliably.
Bought some more studio light stands, which were much needed. A couple of these from Walimex along with a new studio flash from the same source. More to follow soon.
Kit wears out and needs to be replaced…it’s a given. 
Good quality at reasonable prices. The light stands are extremely rugged and can take the full 7kg (without the flash) weight of the Fresnel lens without looking and feeling slightly wobbly!

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