Metz Marathon

Challenging to photograph sports with a medium format camera…handheld.
I was surprised to get any sort of result as it’s not something I’ve tried before. I only shot one roll of film, 8/12 is not so bad.
The first three home were Kenyan athletes (there’s a surprise!). The winner came in in 2hrs 12mins (new record for Metz marathon).
The first four are in correct order, placement wise, after that I’m not quite sure because I missed focus on four frames and I really can’t be bothered to look at the negs and work it out! Sorry!

Hasselblad 500C // Zeiss Sonnar 150mm // Kodak Tri-X // D-76 for 7 mins

A few more for the Metz at night series. It was perfectly still, not a breath of air so the reflections in the water were absolutely perfect.

Hasselblad 500C // Fomapan 400

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