More Bitburg and pictorialism

So, two weeks later I returned to Bitburg airport This time as an accredited photographer and to give a client five  12” x 16” darkroom prints.
There were 5 other photographers there, armed with digital…seems I was the only one with a film camera.
A medium format film camera at that!
As the maximum shutter speed of the venerable V system lenses is 1/500th second, it’s really not possible to freeze action shots. Panning with a waist level finder is not something I’ve tried…yet! Next time though!The racing started late in the day, due to inclement weather. The atmosphere was great however and there were some fine automobiles hurling their owners down the strip.

All in all a great day out thanks to One on One Motorsport

I also ventured out with the Fuji GX680; affectionately called ‘Beast’.
Climbed a very steep hill (which nearly killed me - had to stop for a smoke half way up) and shot a couple of rolls of film amongst the trees. I’m fascinated with the way light filters through leaves, twigs and branches. truly beautiful. Also I find it very challenging to produce photos that don’t look ‘cluttered’ in woodland. 
The Fuji has some lens movements, so, as I love the pictorialist movement of photography it’s possible to get that feel to some photos using the lens movements. Judge for yourself…
(There is another film I have to finish and process, pics in the next post)

Cheers for now!

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