More January

Some more film work of Johanna, who first came to us as a client 3 years ago!

Unusually for me, I shot four rolls of film, three with the Fuji and one with the Hasselblad EL/M
The only photos I wasn’t happy with were with the ones with the Hassy..

First set: Johanna shot on Ilford Delta 100 // Fuji GX680 // Fujinon 210mm f/5.6

Second & third rolls:
Fomapan 100 // Fuji GX680 // Fujinon 210mm

The Hasselblad shots…could have been better!
Hasslblad EL/M // Zeiss Sonnar 150mm // Fomapan 100

More of Johanna coming soon!

Next up was Lisa…

1st set shot with Hasselblad EL/M, 80 and 150 Zeiss lenses on Ilford Delta 100

I am having some problems with flash sync with my two Hasselblads, quite a few underexposed shots.
Solving the problem by taking more time with each photo now.

More of Lisa, Fuji GX 680, 210mm lens and Fomapan 100
The big Fuji is a beautiful camera, it takes some getting used to and the Fujinon lenses are stellar.
All the Fuji shots on this page used the Fujinon 210mm f/5.6.

So, that’s it for now, I’ll do another post very soon, as there are yet more images to post from January.

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