more plates

So, this year has seen my photography slip further away from the mainstream and further into obscurity…at least it feels like that.
I continue to shoot large format utilising home made plates (see my last blog post).
Unfortunately,  no commissioned work, although I manage to sell a few prints now and then. Not enough to prevent the sale of my beloved Rolleiflex Automat in July. It’s gone to a good home where it’ll be appreciated and used, thankfully.

I’ve shot a few more landscapes over the last few months…mainly of or around Le Gardon, such a photogenic river.

I continue to work with models when I can, depending on availabilities and so on.
I’m still obsessing about pictorialism, the entire genre is quite beautiful and inspirational.
Shooting plates at ISO 1 certainly helps achieve that  look.

Here are a few shots from recent model shoots…

Marion (June)

Marion travelled from Lyon to come and work with me, great. Lovely lady and fabulous model! 
I do hope she’ll return again in the not too distant future.

Elodie, Lison and Valerie (July)

Unfortunately I had a load of problems with my plates when we did this shoot, the ladies, of course,  were completely wonderful, as usual.
There has been an ongoing water leak near the studio and I have a feeling the moisture in the air affected the plates while they were curing in the drying cupboard, extremely frustrating as I ended up binning around 30 plates. 
Not completely binning them, cleaning them off and recoating. You can see the effects in a few of the plates below.
This led to me swearing somewhat more than usual (if that’s at all possible).

Sophie (August)

My first meeting with Sophie went very well indeed, we’d followed each other on Instagram for at least a year.
An excellent model requiring very little direction, perfect.
However, I was still getting quite a few of the moisture affected plates sneaking in. Some of images were quite patchy in places.
A bit annoying, although it seems to have added a bit of atmosphere.

Zoe (August)

Sadly, Zoe has now moved to Perpignan, so, this was my last shoot with her for some time. It was also very short.
Hopefully, she’ll be able to find time to return again in future, although, she is now a very busy (and brilliant) tattoo artist.

There we have it, a bit of an update and a few more images. Some of which make it on to the main part of  my website.

In the meantime, stay safe and well, with the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, which appears to be carrying on unabated and into its second year. At least we have vaccines available now, which appears to lessen the impact and severity of the disease…

If you want to purchase a hand made darkroom print of any of these images or any others on my site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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