New year

Fairly rubbish end of year…I took on a take pics of Santa with kids contract…it was hell; long hours, small pay etc.
Never again!
As a result, I’ve not managed to do much personal work and have a full week of client shoots this week.

I did get out a couple of times, once in the freezing fog (the temperature was -7C) and shot some night time “atmospheric” photos with the trusty Hasselblad and the film I love to hate, Kodak Tri-X.
Then yesterday, I went back to Mont Saint Quentin to photograph the trees, everything was covered with ice crystals. A winter wonderland, stunning.
I wasn’t feeling very well, so only shot one roll before retreating back to the car and heading home.

First up, the freezing fog shots; Tri-x at 320, dev. X-tol (1+3) approx 14.5 mins.
Hasselblad + Planar 80. 
I used the datasheet (almost comitted to memory after many years of use) from the film to allow for reciprocity failure. Most exposures were reading around 8 secs at f/5.6 on the meter, which works out at a 37 sec exposure time.
Why f/5.6? I hate the stars you get when you shoot at night at apertures from f/8 and smaller! Vile!

Printed a few in the darkroom; not bad, but require quite a bit of dodging and burning.

Then the ice crystals; Fomapan 100, dev. X-tol (1+3) 11 mins.
Hasselblad + Distagon 50 for the first 8 shots then the Sonnar 150mm for the final 3.

I’ll be printing some of these in the darkroom quite soon.

I have a few projects for this year, one of which is a 365 on film…I’ll be sharing the results every month or so here on my blog. It’ll be quite challenging and I promise not to cheat! So, even if there’s a total fail one day, you’ll get to see it in all its glory…er…

I already have three client shoots on film booked this year, it seems some clients want something a bit different to the generic digital/ photoshop manipulated images. Lets face it, digital sensors are 1s and 0s and all are very similar. There’s not much difference between them.
Film cameras and films have completely different results depending on all sorts of variables, developer, camera used, the film itself etc. I love that :)

Until the next time, Happy New Year! Peace, tolerance and joy to everyone who bothers to read this (and anyone who doesn’t!).

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