Not chilly

So, it’s pretty warm right now. Friday 28th June, 43C. There is a new national record today of 44C, in Carpentras, Vaucluse, not so far away from us.
The last heatwave that hit France in 2003, claimed just shy of 15 000 lives. Sincerely hope there will not be a repeat of that!
The worst affected places are almost always cities, generally warmer than the countryside and just stuffy and uncomfortable in extreme heat.
Most of Europe will face unseasonally hot temperatures, so wherever you be safe!

Enough of the weather.

I grabbed a roll of expired Portra this morning and went for a short walk, it was 24C at 6.30am and that felt cool and pleasant!

A couple of Le Gardon and some plants; Chicory, Wild Garlic etc.
I’m trying to learn some of the species, but, there are so many…

Wonderful TLR to use is the Rolleiflex Automat, light in weight, fantastic lens (although a bit prone to flare because it’s not coated), reliable, tough as old boots and quite possibly my favourite medium format camera. Not as versatile as my Hasselblad, ie a fixed focal length lens and no interchangeable back, but that makes you work just a bit harder to get what you want. Plus, you can hand hold the camera down to a tenth of a second. The image quality speaks for itself.

I’ll post again soon, as I have some more pics shot on 35mm from a month or two ago.


That light!

Species unknown (to me)

Le Gardon

Le Gardon

Wild Garlic


Common Mallow


Using Format