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  1. UK

    Off to the UK tomorrow for a week. Sadly, not a holiday!Professional model client (Sara) this morning for some “polaroids” for her agency. Nice young lady Hasselblad 500C travelling to UK with me along with my trusty Rolleicord V.Was tempted to take the GX 680, but it’s a bit hefty…

  2. Lenny's Legs!

    We had a visit from one of our stagiare from 2014 this week Managed to photograph her fabulous legs on film (not that the rest of her isn’t beautiful too though!), during her visit. It was lovely to see her again and hear how she is doing on her 3…

  3. Recent work

    We have done quite a few portrait shoots, the start of a portfolio for a beautiful young model and also some commercial work in the last month. It’s been busy The principal commercial client is Armonia forme & beauté in Metz. We’ll be doing more work with Rosalie (the company…

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