We were going to shoot on location yesterday, but due to inclement weather had to shoot in the studio instead.
We will do the location shoot tomorrow afternoon, providing the weather is ok.
The studio shoot went very well, with the return of resident stylist, Harriet llama, after a long absence due to her travelling around the world…her own little world! She did an excellent job, creating some stylish headwear for our lovely model, Sheona.
The photos were shot using the Fuji GX680 (6x8 ‘monopixel’ camera) and Fomapan 100 film, which was then developed in Kodak D-76. The images were scanned on a Canon 9000F mk ll at 2400 dpi; it’s a reasonable scanner for the price, but by no means ‘good’. I hope to be able to get hold of a higher resolution scanner later this year.
I tried a couple of different lighting set ups (which didn’t involve softboxes) old school parabolic umbrellas and gridded barn doors. 

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