jerry brodrick


The start of the year. Not one of my favourite months!
We’ve started off quite well. 
Continuing our work with the Algerian Consulate…

Plus, here are some photos shot for a client portfolio. Madison is just starting her career as a model and we wish her every success in the future.

I had the chance to try out a 55mm extension tube set up with my 500C. Produces some great results. 
I allowed one stop for exposure compensation, much the same as using a bellows set up.
These were all shot with the Zeiss Planar 80. Tri-X  400, developed in Kodak xtol stock solution.

A few shots around Metz off the same roll…

That’s it for now, if there’s anything you’d like to see on this blog or you have any comments, drop me a line at

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