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  1. 35mm

    Been a while since I’ve shot any 35mm film. It took me around a month to use the roll of FP4+ that’d been in my Nikkormat EL.If you shoot medium format and 35mm, like me), you’ll always (more than likely) be disappointed with the size of the negative- it’s tiny…

  2. Sheona, Emilie, Marine

    I do keep meaning to do my blog more often, but things tend to get in the way! Here’s a catch up from the last couple of weeks… The tilt/ shift capabilities of the Fuji GX680 for portraiture: although not as flexible as a large format camera, the GX680 does…

  3. Fort de Queuleu, Metz

    Had a bit of a wander around this amazing place today; it has a slightly checkered past in that it was used by the SS to torture and kill a number French Resistance fighters during WW2 Apart from that rather dark piece of history, it was one of the inner…

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