Sheona, Emilie, Marine

I do keep meaning to do my blog more often, but things tend to get in the way! Here’s a catch up from the last couple of weeks…

The tilt/ shift capabilities of the Fuji GX680 for portraiture: although not as flexible as a large format camera, the GX680 does have something that makes it a little different from any other MF camera: the ability you have to make any of the Fuji GX lenses into a tilt/ shift lens. There is tilt, up and down; lens vertical movement, up and down and also some sideways movement to left and right. Although limited, it does give this beast a little extra something, along with the 6x8 negative, it’s a winner in the studio.
A fraction of the price of a medium format digital camera and a basic set up (body, back, lens) will probably cost you around the same price as a half decent new DSLR body.
Just use film, have a decent scanner to scan the final images and voila. Result!

Film used was Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Tri-X Pan, Ilford FP4+ and Fuji Acros Neopan 100.
Portra processed in the Tetenal 2 bath Colortec kit.
Tri-X, Acros and FP4+ processed in Ilford ID-11; fixer used was Kodak T-Max.

Using Format