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  1. Trees

    Obsession. Seems like it’s becoming that way.Light filtering through leaves, branches, towering trunks, bark,. Trees. The planet’s oxygenators.I love them and hope that some of my photography can do these amazing organisms justice.This set below shot on Fuji Acros with a Bronica ETRS 645All of these vary from 1 to…

  2. Location fashion and portraits

    Slowly but surely replacing a lot of my digital work with film shots.A couple of series on the go, one for publication and one that is personal workIt takes time to do this, but then shooting film takes time.Patience!I’ve been using the Fuji GX680, which as anyone who has ever…

  3. Sheona, Emilie, Marine

    I do keep meaning to do my blog more often, but things tend to get in the way! Here’s a catch up from the last couple of weeks… The tilt/ shift capabilities of the Fuji GX680 for portraiture: although not as flexible as a large format camera, the GX680 does…

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