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  1. Trees

    Obsession. Seems like it’s becoming that way.Light filtering through leaves, branches, towering trunks, bark,. Trees. The planet’s oxygenators.I love them and hope that some of my photography can do these amazing organisms justice.This set below shot on Fuji Acros with a Bronica ETRS 645All of these vary from 1 to…

  2. Autumn

    So usually you see fabulous photos of Autumn colours shot in daylight.I thought I’d try a few at night…Shot with a Hasselblad 500C using a Distagon 50mm, Sonnar 150mm and a Planar 80mm.Kodak Portra 400 And a couple more that don’t involve Autumn colours…(same camera and film as before) We…

  3. This month

    Has been busy.Hopital Schuman awards ceremony which I shot on both digital (colour) and film (Hasselblad 500C // Kodak Tri-X) Some of the client portraits, a couple on film. Then some personal portrait/ series work with Solene and Lucie, all shot on film with the Hasselblad 500C Some general snaps…

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