This month

Has been busy.

Hopital Schuman awards ceremony which I shot on both digital (colour) and film (Hasselblad 500C // Kodak Tri-X)

Some of the client portraits, a couple on film.

Then some personal portrait/ series work with Solene and Lucie, all shot on film with the Hasselblad 500C

Some general snaps shot around Metz, all on film using my Rolleicord V, Hasselblad 500C and a single experimental shot with the Fuji GX 680.

1- 4 Rolleicord V, Tri-X
5- 9 Hasselblad, Fomapan 400 & Kodak Portra 400
10- 14 Hasselblad, Kodak Tri-X
15- 18 Hasselblad, Kodak Tri-X
19- 26 Hasselblad, Kodak Portra 400
27 Fuji GX 680, Fomapan 100
28- 32 Hasselblad, Fomapan 100

In my last blog I said I’d be shooting for a commercial client at 22 locations around Lorraine. In the end, I had to turn the job away, because the cost of doing business would have ended up with me making almost no money at all. In fact just covering costs, barely covering costs. Not what being in business is about. Making a profit is important, more important than just adding to your portfolio, in the hope that it’ll pay off in the future.
Without wanting to sound arrogant, I don’t need work that the client says “it’ll be good for your portfolio”. No it won’t, sorry, I have to eat, pay bills and stay in business. Kind of important, all that stuff.

On that note, I was approached by another company to cover a large event here this month.
It’s the same every year, work for next to nothing and give the them copyright on your work. Hello?! 
They can then use it for advertising etc. They send the tender 1 week before the event starts!!
I send the same reply every year, sure,  I’ll do the job for x amount of Euros (higher than they’re prepared to pay) and you can buy a licence for certain photos for their use in advertising etc. Needless to say, that one is a no go. Enough said.

A shout out to my friend Mark, thanks for loaning me your Planar 80/ 2.8 + the polaroid & C-12 backs. Very kind of you sir ;)

Also to Rich, best of luck with your first exhibition!

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